Professeur Giovanni Frisoni

Deputy Scientific Director of the National Alzheimer’s Centre in Brescia, Italy and leading the local Laboratory of Neuroimaging and Translational Care Unit. Author of over 350 scientific papers, imaging editor for Neurobiology of Aging, and founding editorial board member of The Lancet Neurology. PI of European Commission funded projects FP6 ENIR in 2006-7, FP7 neuGRID in 2008-10, FP7 outGRID in 2009-12, and FP7 neuGRID for users in 2011-14. Awardee of Alzheimer’s Association grants Pilot European ADNI in 2005-6 and Harmonized Protocol for Hippocampal Volumetry in 2010-13. Chairman of pre-conference meeting of Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium at ICAD 2010 and 2011.

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